The fundamental data about PSG - ( Patrol Security Guard) AVAL Beta, Ltd.

The company AVAL Beta Ltd. , as the continuer of the company AVAL Ltd. Kosice which was set up in year 1991, was established in year 1996 when it became indepenendent and by the registration into companie's register of the District Court at Kosice 1 upon the particular number 7908/V became sovereign subject without the contribution to property of other companies.

The only subject-matter of enterprise is providing the patrol guard by the protection of the property (funds and properties, buildings, parking places, goods and etc.), persons and the transport realization of the financial means in the scope of legislative of the National Council of the Slovak Republic n. 379/1997 Collection of Laws and the bill n. 225/2000 Collection of Laws which is changed and amended with the bill n. 379/1997 Collection of Laws about Perform Safely Services and Similar Activities . The our company has been stabilized on the market compared to existed compatilive companies for what it shows its progresive development and extending of the territorial activity.

The hereinbefore mentioned services are provided on the basis of licence for perform of the patrol guard, issued by Regional Directorate of the Police force at Kosice from the date 7.6.2010 under the number PS 000332.

The characteristic, the basic conditions, advantages of the patrol guard by the supplier's way.

The company AVAL Beta Ltd. before commence of the patrol guard performance minimally 7 days in advance process the analysis of the existed state of the safeguarding and submit the own project of the optimal way for solution to the protection. By the Patrol guard the employees of the company are charged at the age from 20 years old. The candidates for the employment in our company must meet the conditions under rule ยง 29 in law 379/1997 the Collection of Laws so it means to reach the age of 20 years old and be competent for legal acts, be irreproachable, reliable, skilled and health qualified.

The workers wear the instructed signs and uniform by the performance of the patrol guard.

The patrol guard is performed in accordance with the valid legislative regulations. The way of patrol guard performance is determined with the guidelines for providing the services which are processed on the basis of the cutomer requirements and they are the unseparated part of the agreement about providing the patrol guard.

The workers of the patrol guard are incumbent to perform the services so that it will not occur any rise of damage and by the menacing damage immediately to take appropriate measures for its prevent. The company AVAL Beta Ltd. takes responsibility for damages caused on the guarded property in scale of insured agreement about insurance responsibility from performance of the patrol guard which is the part hereof material.

By the realization of the guarded services by the supplier's way; the customer decreases the drawing means from the wage-fund, excludes the organization problem of the services performance, does not occupy with the personal and wage agenda of the employees of the service and neither by providing of the equipment, working dresses and aids and etc.

The basic methods for security of the property

The security of the property is especially performed by:

Above all realities found during the perform of the patrol guard is kept the exact written register.

The service is performed in 12-hours working shifts with 2 workers of the PSG at least.

By the managing and inspection of the patrol guard performance is entrusted the managing worker of the company who conducts the inspection of the performance on the place itself at least once within 24 hours.

The right of the inspection of the patrol guard performance have got the responsible persons determined by the head of the organization of the customer, the managing workers of the company AVAL Beta Ltd. and workers of the Police force of the Slovak Republic.